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information 02/Dec/2017
Symposium: Buddhism in shaping India-Japan Relations (December 23, 2017)

Date: 23rd, December 2017, 11:00-18:45
Venue: Big Meeting Room, 2nd Floor, West Hall, Omiya Campus, Ryukoku University, Kyoto
(Venue: Building No.6)

Symposium: Buddhism in shaping India-Japan Relations (December 23, 2017).pdf

11:00-12:10 公開講演会(日本語)Public Lecture (Japanese)
小島裕子・国際仏教学大学院大学 「大仏を開眼した菩提僊那(ボーディ・セーナ)―日本文化の中に構築された「インド」―」
Kojima, Yasuko, Bodhi Sena, the Priest to Consecrate the Great Buddha: Imagined 'India' in the History of Japanese Culture.

Academic Session (English) 13:00-18:45
Part-1 13:00-14:40
蓑輪顕量・東京大学, Minowa, Kenryo,
Longing for India: Japanese Buddhist and India
嵩満也・龍谷大学, Dake, Mitsuya,
Japanese Buddhists Views of India Seen in the Magazine Bukkyokaigaijijo (1888-1893)
奥山直司・高野山大学, Okuyama, Naoji,
Japanese Buddhists in the Recovery Movement of the Bodh Gaya Temple after 1891: The role of Shaku Kozen and the Shingon Sect
トマス・ニューホール・東京大学, Thomas Newhall
From "bongaku" 梵学 to "indo tetsugaku" 印度哲学: The Development of Indology at Japanese Universities
Part-2 14:50-16:30
能仁正顕・龍谷大学, Nohnin, Masaaki,
Otani Kozui and India: Seeking the Origin of the Eastward Spread of Buddhism
ランジャナ・ムコパディヤーヤ、Ranjana Mukhopadhyaya, Delhi University,
Proselytizing in the "Western Paradise": India in the making of Fujii Nichidatsu and Nipponzan Myohoji
岡本佳子・国際基督教大学, Okamoto Yoshiko,
A Dream of an Asian Religious Conference: Japan-India Cultural Interaction behind the Journey of Okakura Kakuzo, Oda Tokuno and Hori Shitoku to India
別所裕介・駒澤大学, Bessho, Yusuke,
Buddhist Heritages Development Assistance as Present-day India-Japan Friendship: By Comparison to JICA, APECF and FPMT
Part-3 16:40-17:55
佐藤良純・大正大学, Sato Ryojun,
Indian Deities of Buddhism and Hinduism in Japan
舟橋健太・龍谷大学, Funahashi, Kenta,
Development of Buddhist Conversion Movements in Contemporary India: The View from Local and Global
外川昌彦・東京外国語大学, Togawa, Masahiko,
Living with Gandhi: Fujii Guruji and India-Japan Relations in the 1930s
18:05-18:45 General Discussion

Organized by Bilateral Research Project, ILCAA, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies
Co-Organized by Research Center for World Buddhist Cultures (RCWBC); Research Center for Buddhist Cultures in Asia (RARC); and Center for South Asian Studies (RINDAS), Ryukoku University, Core-Project-Anthropology, ILCAA, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, and Samutthan Foundation, New Delhi
Sponsored by JSPS India-Japan Bilateral Research Project with ICHR, India

Contact: TOGAWA, Masahiko (fakir[at] * substitute @ for [at]