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2019 RINDAS 1st Special International Seminar (November 18, 2019)

Date: Monday, November 18 , 2019 15:00-16:30

Venue: B-207, Wagenkan, Fukakusa Campus, Ryukoku University

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Campus Map:

(Venue: Building No.1)

Speaker: Dr. Amanda Kiessel "Finding a Path to Meaningful Global Work"

Amanda is co-founder of Good Market, a curated community of social enterprises, responsible businesses, voluntary organisations, and changemakers working to create a 21st century economy that's "good for people and good for the planet." The online platform includes over 1,100 enterprises from more than 30 countries. Amanda is originally from the United States, but has been based in Asia since 1999. She has a PhD in Environmental Studies, a Masters in Sustainable International Development, and a degree in Biology with a specialty in ecotoxicology. Before Good Market, she spent nearly 15 years working with local organisations on agroecology and sustainable food systems, organisational change, and social enterprise development. Amanda is an Ashoka Fellow.

Language: English

All are welcome to attend.

Contact: Katsuyuki IDA (