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The Center for South Asian Studies(RINDAS)



Date and time
2018年6月9日(土) 13:00~17:30
龍谷大学大宮キャンパス 東黌3階・303室
テーマ:"Embraced in the bosom of Bongo Maata (Mother Bengal):Voices from her children towards an inclusive nation"   13:00-13:10 Prof. Mitsuya DAKE (Ryukoku University):Opening Remarks   13:10-14:20 Dr. M. Wahiduzzaman (Vice-Chancellor, Noakhali University of Science and Technology, Bangladesh)“Rohingya Crisis and Threat for National Security: Way of Keeping Peace and Religious Harmony in Bangladesh” Comment: Prof. Makiko KIMURA (Tsuda University)   14:30-15:40 Dr. Dilip Kumar Barua (Prof., Dhaka Univ., Bangladesh) “A Provisional Report on Bhikkhuni Sangha in Bangladesh”   15:50-17:00 Dr. Mayna Talukdar (Assoc. Prof., Dhaka Univ., Bangladesh)“Durga Puja: A Popular Religious Festival of Hindu Community in Bengal Region” Comment: Prof. Yuko YOKOCHI (Kyoto University)   17:00-17:30 General Discussion